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From Immediate HR Solutions to Long-Term Partnerships




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Watson HR Consulting is a premier bilingual human resources firm dedicated to providing comprehensive consulting services, offering highly personalized solutions for leaders navigating workplace challenges and growth opportunities.


From tackling communication breakdown to developing your people and implementing strategic changes, we are your trusted partner, committed to helping leaders and employees succeed.

As your dedicated partner, we go beyond traditional consulting. We believe in the positive impact of strong leadership and human resources expertise, providing companies with peace of mind.


Our goal is to create work environments where understanding, communication, and empowerment prevail.


Experience a paradigm shift in HR dynamics with our flexible and human-centric approach, empowering leaders and business owners to foster understanding, flexibility, and autonomy in the workplace.


Carolyn Watson

Carolyn Watson, CPHR
Director - Strategy and Organizational Development

Carolyn is fueled by her passion for human relations and is the founder and visionary behind Watson HR Consulting.  


During her studies in psychology at University of Moncton, she discovered her true calling in human resources which led her to Toronto to complete Human Resources Management at Seneca College.  She then gained valuable HR experience while working for prominent organizations in both Toronto and New Brunswick.  Over time, she developed a deep interest in HR counseling and individual coaching and decided to establish her own company, leveraging her expertise to serve others. 

With a friendly and bilingual approach, Carolyn guides managers and employees through strategic HR consultation, offering personalized services designed to empower leaders, inspire employee performance and provide valuable tools for success.


Recognizing the growing demand for her services, Carolyn expanded her team by hiring additional professionals, further enhancing her company's ability to provide comprehensive HR support.

Adam Thibodeau

Adam Thibodeau, CPHR, B.B.A.
Manager - Workforce Strategies and Innovation

Adam is an accomplished HR consultant with a profound passion for HR. Holding a Bachelor's in Management and a notable HR Management Certificate, Adam's expertise shines in recruiting, fortified by his remarkable interpersonal skills.

During his pursuit of the HR Management Certificate, Adam had the privilege of meeting Carolyn where she was a facilitator —an encounter that marked the inception of a respectful and enduring professional relationship. 

A natural people person, he thrives on forging connections, embracing diverse perspectives and finding joy in bringing ideas to life with his "doer" mentality.

His professional journey began in the finance sector spanning different important roles where he eventually transitioned to HR over 10 years ago when he discovered his genuine passion. Building on this foundation, Adam evolved navigating complex agreements and best practices.


Today, as a seasoned HR Consultant, he draws from his extensive experience to refine processes, revolutionize recruitment strategies and shape policies.

Gabrielle Nowlan

Gabrielle Nowlan, B.Sc.
Officer - Administration & Operations

Gabrielle is a dynamic professional with a talent for all things technical.  She met Carolyn during a career transition and they remained in touch throughout the years with Gabrielle seeking Carolyn’s guidance on career matters.

Gabrielle's dedication and technical skillset led her to excel as an office manager at a law firm.  In the absence of an internal HR department, Gabrielle's colleagues consistently turned to her for support.  Her calm demeanor and exceptional interpersonal skills, combined with her natural knack for all things tech-related, made her an indispensable resource for her team.

As the nature of work evolves, and recognizing the increasing need for external HR support, especially for small businesses, Gabrielle decided to embark on a new career journey and joined Carolyn in the HR world.  

With her experience spanning large corporations and small businesses, Gabrielle brings a wealth of knowledge and adds an invaluable dimension to the team by leveraging her unique blend of technical expertise and HR acumen.



Leadership Coaching

Your organization's success hinges on effective leadership.  Whether nurturing new leaders, enhancing the skills of seasoned ones, or supporting HR practitioners, we offer personalized coaching services. With our extensive HR background and experience mentoring leaders at all levels, we form trusting partnerships that yield results. 

Tailored for:

  • Internal HR practitioners

  • Leaders seeking growth

  • Employees in transition

  • Organizations without an HR department

Training & Facilitation

Finding resourceful, engaging, and knowledgeable facilitators can be challenging, but we are here to help.


From planning sessions to delivering learning content—whether it's your material or ours—Our relaxed yet professional and inclusive approach captivates audiences. Every engagement is fully customized to meet your specific needs and goals. 


Elevate your team's potential and drive success with our dynamic training and facilitation solutions.

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Team Building

  • Leadership and Planning

  • Communication

Career Transition

To ensure a smooth transition, we provide outplacement support to your employees. These services help displaced workers cope with a job loss and navigate the job market successfully to find new employment opportunities.

Empowering them with expert guidance, resume assistance, interview preparation, and job search support. Our comprehensive program eases the transition, boosts morale, and accelerates the path to new employment opportunities.

Recruitment Support

As your trusted HR partner, we function as an extension of your organization's internal HR department, providing recruitment support that streamlines your hiring process. When you face staffing shortages, count on us to take on your hiring tasks with efficiency and expertise. From understanding your unique needs to crafting job descriptions, posting job ads, and managing the entire recruitment process, we ensure a seamless experience that aligns with your company culture and values.

Strategic HR

Transform your HR approach with our Strategic HR services.  From diagnosing issues in employee engagement to enhancing HR programs, we partner with you every step of the way.  Choose from a fully outsourced HR program or opt for project-specific support. With services ranging from internal training, conducting interviews and facilitating strategy planning sessions, we tailor our expertise to suit your organization's unique needs.

Policies & Processes

Clear and well-crafted policies are essential to create a cohesive work environment, enabling everyone to understand their roles, rights, and responsibilities.  We create tailored company policies and programs that foster clarity and unity among your team.  Our experienced team can help refine and enhance existing policies to meet current standards and align with your organizational goals.  For businesses without established policies, we provide comprehensive drafting services, ensuring everyone is on the same page.



Clients & Partners


Diane Allain

Diane Allain

Executive Advisor, Leadership Development and Coach - UNI

“We benefited from Carolyn’s knowledge and experience to deliver on our HR programs and to coach members of our HR management team.  I trust her and appreciate her input.  I would recommend her to any organization who is looking for a well-rounded HR consultant to deliver value.”

Megan Wilkins
Megan Wilkins
Regional Director, Professional and Technical Services - PWGSC

“I would recommend Carolyn to any organization looking for team building activities or HR advice.  She is personable, professional and very capable in helping teams identify their HR solutions.”

Eric Manning
Eric Manning
National Retail Sales Execution Manager - OrganiGram

“While at a previous company, Carolyn exceeded our expectations and hit on all the needs for our group by addressing relevant topics.  As a result, our group was tighter and we took away pieces that would help us in the long run.”


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